Monday, March 11, 2013

To the Amazon (and back)

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To the Amazon

Dear Friends,
Lord willing, early tomorrow I will board a plane with fellow missionary Nathan Patefield and we will fly to the Amazon region of Brazil for a ten day trip to visit our friend Rober Guerreiro, a Native Brazilian pastor. Pastor Rober has invited his tribe and other tribes along the river to attend a three day conference which his church is hosting. Between Nathan and I, we will have the opportunity to preach about 8-10 times and hold question-and-answer workshops with pastors and leaders of several tribes. Pastor Rober has also set up opportunities to visit other villages along the river's edge. Our goals for the trip are the following:
1. We hope to use this trip as an opportunity to encourage Pastor Rober and his family as they have just completed their first year of ministry and have faced many difficulties (malaria, rejection, delays, etc.).
2. We want to give a series of biblical messages in areas that will be helpful to the growth and edification of the churches there.
3. We want to learn from the people and discover practical ways that we as the body of Christ can help them with theological training, construction projects, etc.
Please pray for wisdom and strength and that God would be glorified there among the people of the Amazon Rainforest.

Please pray for the safety of our families while we are away too. More when we return...............
Love in Christ,
Brendan Holmquist
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