Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pao de Acucar

We took Sharon, our visitor for the month of March, up to Pao de Acucar (Sugar Loaf Mountain).  It was a perfect day weather wise but a little cloudy for really good pictures.  The kids had a blast going in the cable cars.  We ate a picnic lunch on the first mountain near the theater where they feature a movie about how the mountain became a tourist attraction.  Each time the movie came on we could hear it outside where we were eating and Ellie would call out, "Who's preachin?"  It was a wonderfully relaxing day after months of stressful construction on the church building!  It is rare that we get to enjoy the natural beauty of Rio like this.  We truly live in a beautiful city!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Danny turns 4!!

Danny had his 4th birthday this week!!  He was very excited and wanted to know if he would be four for the rest of his life?  His other "big 4 year old"question recently was, "Mommy what do your parents look like?"  He wanted a dinosaur theme so we tried our best with what he had.  Aunt Joy bought some cute dinosaurs for his cake.  His meal request was grilled cheese, salad, mashed potatoes and sour cream.  I did convince him to let me mix the sour cream into the potatoes instead of just plain in a dish on the side. 


The kids had a great time at teen camp this year.  Two families with kids were there so I planned activities for the younger kids to do while the teens were in their sessions.  We did nature notebooks, played outside, painted with color wonder paints and played lots of lego and doll house.

The theme for the teens was concentrating on the gospel.  One of the pastor's wives made an awesome map in the theme of pilgrim's progress.  The little kids helped with setting the tables at meals and of course had fun with the teens in their free time.  One night it was twin night so everyone dressed up!


The day before we left for conference (back at the beginning of February) we attended our neighbor's birthday party.  She had an area set up where you could dress up and take pictures.  The kids had fun doing that!

Daddy's lil helper...

Flavia wants to be a part of everything we do.  She especially loves to help Daddy when he is working on a project.  Today she was helping Daddy change the gas tank for our stove.