Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Educating MK's

Living overseas is exhausting.  The dollar menu, Hungry Howies, Meijer and Horrocks are all just a dream.  Driving anywhere raises the stress level to high as you dodge people, buses, bikes, motorcycles, horse drawn carts and other cars.  Defensive driving takes on a whole new meaning.

Add homeschooling to that and it is exhaustion overload.  This our third year of homeschooling solo. We are still working out the kinks, but this may prove to be our best year yet.

Two things have changed: we do school in the afternoons and for the first time we have a school room!

We live in a country where everything happens late at night.  It is a rarity to be home from anything church related before ten p.m.  It took two years to figure out that doing school first thing in the morning was not the best plan for us!

What a difference having a school room has made!  No more setting up and taking down!


Myla is in fifth grade this year at Abeka Academy.  Upper elementary is a whole other level and can be tough for her to focus on all the work required when everyone else is in lower elementary or kindergarten.  She enjoys her science and history classes and is an avid reader.  She also enjoys writing poetry.  She is in her second year of piano.

Ellie is in second grade at Abeka Academy.  She is super good at staying on task and has beautiful penmanship.  She is very creative at recreating what her class makes at art time with our limited arts and crafts supplies, nothing stands in her way.

Daniel started kindergarten this year with teacher mama.  He has no favorite class because he likes it all!  He was quite worried if he was even eligible to enter kindergarten since he did not know how to read or write!  He is having an excellent start to the school year.

Flavia thinks she is in kindergarten and we all just play along.  She loves to join in and is constantly asking if it is school time yet!

Please pray for the teacher (mama) that she would remember to be calm and patient with her students.