Monday, October 12, 2009

New Mercies Every Morning

Myla, Ellie and I went around our neighborhood
getting pictures of Children's Day here in Rio.
There were fireworks and parties in the street
all day long. As we were walking, people handed
bags full of candy to Myla and Ellie which
they gladly accepted!

Below is a recent picture of Daniel. Nobody can
believe how big he is for his age of 1 1/2. Please
notice that he is wearing my camouflage Detroit
Tigers hat (the team that played valiantly this
year but sadly fell one game short.)

We had the opportunity to take Melissa's Aunt
and Uncle to a scenic overlook of downtown Rio
while they visited us. We live about 35 minutes
inland from the location in this picture, but still
within the city limits. It was a beautiful, clear day.
We thank the Lord for His calling to this great
city. It is a beautiful city but a city of great
spiritual darkness and confusion. Pray that God
would cause the light of the Gospel of Christ to
shine in people's hearts (II Cor. 4:3-6).