Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oregon Summer

Besides being entrusted to proclaim the precious gospel, and enjoying
fellowship with believers in different parts of the world, another one of
the amazing graces of missionary life is to be able to see and enjoy God's
creation as we travel to churches across the country.

We are now enjoying living in central Oregon with Melissa's parents.
These are some of the mountain views we are blessed to see each morning
and evening from their house.

Since the last blog, our travels brought us by Niagara Falls and
Mt. Rushmore as we visited churches in New York and drove to
visit churches in the West.

Resurrection Sunday was one of the last services that we spent at our
home church with family. BJ's Dad (far right) has continued to recover
well from brain surgery. The kids are growing up and doing great. We
thank God continually for his kindnesses.