Tuesday, August 23, 2011

To Brazil!

On Thursday we are scheduled to leave for Brazil. This year in the US has been amazing and we will dearly miss everybody. But, we are thankful for the Christian family and friends God has given us in Brazil too and we look forward with great anticipation to our reunion with them there. Right now we are doing some last minute things concerning packing and preparing to go (you know, like eating Butterfingers for the last time). To highlight some family activities of the past few months we decided to post the following pictures.

Family pictures! Melissa's whole family was able to get together for
this occaision.

Baptist Mid-Missions Annual Conference in Ohio was a highlight
of our time in the US. We were able to fellowship with co-workers
and other friends and be challenged by great preaching.

Ellie turned 5!! The kids were able to spend a lot of time with
cousins and even go to a parade together.

We met with a supporting church in San Jose, California.
The same week BJ's sister Loa had a business meeting in
San Francisco and she brought BJ's mom with her. We had fun
seeing them and seeing starfish at the aquarium. On the drive
home we drove our full sized van through a living redwood
(parking in Rio is just as tricky), and Myla is standing in front
of an interesting bathroom made from a hollow redwood log.