Friday, June 25, 2010

Gooooool Brasil!

It's World Cup soccer time right now and the nation has stopped to watch the game and to cheer for their team. It will only become more intense as the tournament progresses.

Everywhere you look you see the colors of Brazil's flag. From painting on the streets to fully decorated houses. As the boom of fireworks fills the air, there is no mistaking what time of year it is here.
We got in the team spirit and dressed in Brazil's colors to watch a game with friends. As you can see, Flávia wasn't impressed. Since we were in the U.S. last, our family has grown by two. Because so much has changed, a Pastor in the U.S. asked me to reintroduce our kids on the blog. So.....
Myla is 6 years old. She loves to dress up like a princess, read books, and do crafts. She is Flávia's second mom. Next to her is Ellie. Ellie is 3 but will be quick to tell you that she will be 4 in July. She rides her bike like an Indy racecar.

Daniel was born in São Paulo and is now 2 years old. He likes anything that resembles a ball. The Brazilians love his blonde hair and blue eyes and treat him like a celebrity. Then there is Flávia who was born on May 20 here in Rio de Janeiro. She just wants to hurry and get out of her crib and play with her brother and sisters.

Shortly before Flávia was born, Melissa had the opportunity to speak to some young ladies at a sleep-over/Bible study hosted by our co-workers. The girls came from several of Rio's churches and had a great time.