Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are missionary kids sheltered?

From the world?  No.

They see this world for how sin ugly it is. 

My little missionary kids see people losing themselves in alcohol every Sunday night on our way home from church.

They see the raucous parties through our tinted car windows. 

They know what a girl looks like who is out to sell herself.

They hear the music that displeases God blaring down from the neighbor's window right into our house.  They know the sorrow of hearing those lyrics over and over in their head as they battle against it. 

They aren't afraid of imaginary monsters getting them in the night, but of drugged up monsters getting into our church.

They know the faces and names of the homeless living under the bridge in front of the church.

They see the grace of God in this world too.

They see Daddy pray with the drunk homeless man and then beg to be the one to give him a sandwich.

They bound across the broken up cement to put an invitation to church in a stranger's hand.

Hymns in English and Portuguese fall from their lips as they rush through the house from one thing to the next.

They understand the joy of following God's calling even when it is hard

They beg to watch dvd's that highlight missions work in other parts of the world.

They want to be missionaries to the jungle and other places where people have not heard.

"Sheltered" missionary kids often have a world view beyond their years. 

Is it scary?


But we serve a great God who is all powerful and completely in control.

And so I trust Him with the life he has chosen for my children.