Friday, February 3, 2012

The long awaited conference is coming up next week.  It is that time of year when all the missionaries in the south region of Brazil come together for a week for fellowship and daily time around God's Word.  The kids especially (me too!) look forward to seeing their friends they only see once a year!  My sewing machine usually makes an appearance the week before conference.  This year Myla got a new skirt.  She is growing so tall her skirts are being quickly passed down to Ellie.

Okay, so the skirt was supposed to be a Christmas present that only made it as far as being cut out but it is finished now and she loves it, so that is all that matters.  Isn't she looking so grown up!  She is such a big help to me with Flavia and folding clothes.  She loves to give Flavia her bath and even put her to bed!  I love it too! 

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