Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conference 2012

Conference was so good this year. In fact we were so busy with meetings, fellowship and fun we forgot to take pictures!

Myla was very independent this year doing many of the afternoon activities with her friends instead of dad and mom. She loved every minute of it (and so did we!). Myla sang several specials during the MK recital. She and some of her friends made up the Joy Quartet and sang I've Got the Joy Joy Joy.

Ellie made some first time friends and it was so cute to see her with them. She was pretty independent herself. Like Myla, she ate most of her meals with her friends. It was pretty funny to see a table of all 4,5, and 6 year olds eating and conversing like little adults.

Daniel went to VBS for the first time instead of the nursery. I think he had fun once he got in there. The first day he escaped several times, but managed to find us each time in our meeting. That was a little scary as there are pools and a lake right near where we had our meetings.

Flavia was the big surprise as most of the missionaries did not know she was part of our family since we went home on furlough soon after she was born. Everyone was charmed by her but she would always roll her eyes and turn away when anyone would try and talk to her.

BJ led our prayer time each morning as missionaries and did a great job helping us to focus in on praying for one anther. He was elected treasurer of the South Region. He enjoyed talking with other church planters getting ideas and tips for effective church planting. He and Daniel went out piranha fishing one afternoon! He was able to get in a game of basketball and soccer two of the nights as well.

Melissa kept busy getting everyone where they needed to be when. This year she joined the choir that sang for the evening meetings and loved it! Pratices were a guaranteed 45 minutes without kids! Of course three meals a day cooked and cleaned up by someone else wasn't too bad either!

Next up is Carnival Camp....stay tuned for details WITH pictures!

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