Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Birthday!

When BJ wrote in our last prayer letter that he had taken up a new birthday party ministry, he wasn't joking!  We literally just had three birthday parties in the last seven days, two of which he preached a gospel message.  This past week we celebrated all ages ~ 30, 15, and 3.

The biggest one by far was the 15th birthday party.  This is the party to beat all parties here in Brazil.  I realized just how big it was when I asked a girl at the party if she was next in line for her 15th.  She replied she had already celebrated her 15th.  I then asked her if she was turning 16 this year.  Her response was, "I think so, maybe 17.  I don't really know, after you turn 15 nobody keeps track!"

There is really nothing to compare it to in the United States.  It is a mix of Prom, Sweet 16 and Graduation Open House all rolled into one giant party.  Most parties cost more than our entire wedding cost!  This was a smaller scale party we attended.  Enjoy the pictures below.

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