Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Cleaning

We scheduled a cleaning day at church on Saturday.  And while some parts of the building did get a fresh scrubbing, a soul to soul conversation revealed that Jesus had been doing some scrubbing too.  

The one who had just installed a flood light on the outside of the building confirmed that YES the Light of the World had entered his life!

Sunday afternoon we continued our ongoing baptism study with one, who for the last several weeks, we have struggled to hear a clear testimony of salvation.  We have prayed and prayed that God would clearly show us if this person was saved or not. 

Yesterday, the light came on and we heard clearly, "I am a sinner and for that reason I needed Jesus!"  As all three of us shared our own testimonies and areas that we are struggling in, we ALL left encouraged and knowing better how to pray one for another.

We have yet to personally lead someone to the Lord here in Rio.  Some looking from the outside in may deem that as a failed ministry.  We have come to realize that God has called us to be PLANTERS and not reapers. 

It doesn't take long ministering in Rio to realize how strong Satan's grip is on this city.  The hearts of the people are clouded over with cultic religions and the sinful pleasures of this world.  We know our God is STRONGER and that He is working in lives,

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