Sunday, July 1, 2012

Youth Rally

Tonight was the big night...the youth rally we had prayed for, planned for, passed out invites for. A sister church drove an hour or more with seven young people to help us pass out invitations, share special music and be an encouragement to those who would come from our neighborhood. The famous hotdog sanwiches, cake and pop for 25 people had been prepared.

 And we sat down to start the service...with just ourselves. Swallowing my tears I let the song service put my focus back where it needed be...on Christ Alone. My ever optimistic husband stood to preach a message he spent hours on geared for the skeptical unbelieving teens we had faith would arrive. Said he was not discouraged because we had planted seeds and seeds do not grow overnight.  Why do I always forget that, think that with miracle gro they will be flowering bushes the next day?

Praise the Lord for the faithful ones who came to help, support and be a part of. Praise the Lord that His ways are not our ways. Praise the Lord that someday we will see and understand all the twists and turns the road of church planting takes. Praise the Lord that He is in control no matter what!

ps - we forgot the camera...hence no pictures!


Tamara said...

Keep plowing and sowing . . .

JayneJeane said...

Thank you for sharing both the blessings and the trials of missionary life. This was a wonderful post that I shared with my family and it helped us remember that all we can do is the best we can for God and leave the results up to him (taken from Facing the Giants). Please know you are in our prayers always. In Christ, Jayne/Craig Hatcher