Monday, January 23, 2012

What are we up to these days...

We have been busy getting the house back to "normal" after Christmas and enjoying some good cousin time with Melissa's cousins who are currently in Brazil.  Whitney shared some chocolate Temptations by Jello.  You can see it tasted REALLY good.

Tia Dori has been visiting from Sao Paulo and has been giving the girls some art and music lessons.  They did several art projects about perception or perfection as Ellie will excitedly tell you.

Lots of hot summer days to play outside!

Mr. Bushy Boy got himself a haircut.
Our good friend Paloma and her new husband Igor were visiting her parents for Christmas so we enjoyed seeing them.  They celebrated their one year anniversary last Sunday.  She helped a lot taking care of the kids when Flavia was born.  Her parents are helping out with the starting of the church here in Bento Ribeiro.

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Mom H. (again) Holmquist:) said...

Everybody looks great! The kids are growing up soooo much! Can't wait to see you all soon:)