Monday, April 11, 2011

He is Risen Indeed!

This last Sunday brought temperatures in the high 70's to central Michigan. It reminded us of Rio de Janeiro weather . . . well . . . winter in Rio at least! We saw lines at the ice cream store and smelled barbecue grills being fired up for the first time this Spring. Lilies are pushing up through the frozen tundra and signs of new life are all around. So what if it might snow again, spring is here! It causes us to pause and think of Christ's resurrection and the promise of new life in Him. May the truth of Christ penetrate through the soil of many hearts in 2011.

One day when it warmed up a little, some deer came out and the kids
got to enjoy watching them up close for awhile. In March, we made it
out ice fishing. It was Myla's first time and as you can see, she's kind
of excited.

Daniel and Ellie are the chocolate lovers. Flavia is crawling now and
sporting one new tooth.

The kids got to meet Great Grandma Sheehan for the first time in
Lynchburg, VA. We also had the opportunity to visit the church of
BJ's former youth pastor, BJ Worley, in West Virginia and spend
some time with his family in April.

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