Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 2010!

As we reflect on last year and look forward with hope and anticipation to next year, one word comes to mind. The word is "grace." God has brought us to where we are by His grace, and we trust in Him to lead us into the future by His grace. Since our last post, much has happened. The pictures give a quick run-down of some major church and family events.

In November, we celebrated Myla's 6th birthday and Daniel learned how fun it is to talk with grandparents on the phone.

In December, we celebrated Christ's birth with a special Christmas service at the Island church. We also had the opportunity to stop by the world's largest floating Christmas tree with our colleagues, the Patefields and Joy Hunt.

In January, we had our last regular service with the wonderful people of the Island church. We have now have embarked on a new church plant in our neighborhood. We were also able to spend some time with our friends Pastor João and Daise who have just completed their first year of pastoral ministry in Rio de Janeiro.

Oh, and one more thing. . . we found out this month that God has blessed us with a baby girl who is due in June! Thank you for your love and prayers - without God's grace we know that we can do nothing.


Erin Sheeran said...

Hi! Love looking at all your pics. The kids are getting so big!! Congrats on Baby #4. So excited for you all. Hope to see you when you are in the states! Love you! Erin

Aunt Barb said...

Hi guys! Where has the time gone?? The kids look like they're having a blast drinking coconut milk. We always enjoy your news, B.J. We miss and love you all! It's great to hear of God's miracles. He is a Great God! Love and blessings, Aunt Barb

Melanie said...

Congratulations on the upcoming baby! Wow - what exciting news.

woodardx5 said...

hey melissa:) reading your blog and catching up! ryan is doing a missionary profile for sparks tonight and we chose you guys. He is cutting out your picture now and will be learning what you do and where you live. I wish I could see you again!! We are at burgess rd still in pensacola.