Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July and August

The following pictures tell the story of some of the things that have happened here in Rio over the past couple of months.

It's been a huge privilege to work with the youth group in Sunday School and with special activities. Many have taken steps to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Pray for their continued growth in Christ and involvement in the work of the ministry.

The church organized a Vacation Bible School last month during the kid's winter break. The threat of the flu and the cold, wet weather didn't dampen these kid's spirits! Some have come to church regularly since VBS and the church is following up with the families of the kids.

Ellie celebrated 3 years!!! She's brought us a lot of joy.

This picture was taken on a helicopter pad with the Tijuca National forest of Rio in the background. There were several cameras clicking between our colleagues so we didn't know where to look! On the right is our good friend Carlos who joined the church with his family recently. Thanks for your prayers for the ministry here!

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